Effects of meteorological and habitat attributes on nocturnal bird migration – Inbal Schekler

My research is about the effects of meteorological and habitat attributes on nocturnal bird migration.

In my research I am focusing on nocturnal migration of birds in Israel, an area where information regarding nocturnal bird migration is scarce. I’m using nocturnal bird migration data from several meteorological and dedicated local bird radars in Israel
in order to characterize the intensity, spatial distribution, altitudinal profile and flight direction, as well as their dynamics. In addition, I’m using different types of data
(meteorological, habitat attributes, ringing data and citizen science) to explore different
factors that may impact nocturnal migrants and their use of stopover sites during
migration. The overarching goal of my research is to integrate information on bird
migration and key influencing factors in a model that will explain and predict the
abundance, distribution and dynamics of nocturnal migration in our region. My project
is expected to enhance our understanding of the causes, mechanisms, patterns and
consequences of nocturnal migration, and this will facilitate reducing aircraft-bird