Swift research – Itai Bloch

Imagine being able to fly like a bird.

Imagine you are a bird with the best flight capabilities in the aviation department.

That you can fly for many months without a break, you can eat while flying, drink while flying, sleep while flying.

This is my bird; these are the swifts.

I examine how environmental characteristics affect the movement of the swifts.

How do these wondrous birds cope with extreme weather conditions?

What do they do when there are strong winds? And what do they do in heavy rain conditions?

How do they locate the areas where there is a large abundance of prey (flying insects)?

Why do some swifts leave their breeding grounds immediately after nesting and other populations remain in the area until mid-winter?

During my PhD research I use tiny transmitters and advanced tracking systems to investigate the movement characteristics of the swifts. These studies are a direct continuation of my master’s study in which I examined the differences in movement characteristics between the sexes during the breeding season.